About Me

I am an autistic woman in the UK who is getting progressively grumpier about ableism, stigma, and a complete lack of understanding about how autistic people work. I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a long history of mental illness, as well as a patchy history with church running up to the discovery of disability theology. I’ll be writing about all of these things in varying amounts, and I have a small archive of old posts that I’ll be whittling away at, rewriting, reposting, and possibly ditching altogether. Most of these are several years old and don’t reflect the amount of rethinking I’ve done in that time (hence the rewriting!)

When I’m not being a cranky autistic person on the internet, I tend to drink tea, nerd out about Tolkien, try to learn languages, and occasionally allow myself to be seen playing folk music, singing, and/or dancing. I also have a slightly unnatural fascination with penguins.

A big part of why I want to write this blog is because of conversations and questions about my experience as an autistic person, as well as a lot of misunderstandings. I love answering questions (under the right circumstances), so if you have a burning question for me, or a suggestion of a blog post you’d love to see, drop me an e-mail at geekinoverload@gmail.com


I use identity-first language (IFL) as opposed to person-first language (PFL) when writing about autism, unless I’m referring to someone who prefers the latter. There will, at some point, be a blog post from me on this, but in the mean time, this is a great article from the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) that goes into some of the distinctions and issues.

I will aim, wherever possible, to use content warnings on posts where there might be stuff that not everyone is comfortable reading. If I’ve missed something on that front, I’m always happy to hear it and add as appropriate – the world is unfriendly enough already without forcing people to read stuff they need to avoid for their own sake.

I am pro-vaccine, anti-Wakefield, anti-ABA, and aim to be as inclusive and accepting as possible. I am not here for puzzle pieces or misuse of the colour blue, and I am especially not here for Auti$m $peaks. I go for the social model of disability rather than a medical model. These things are not up for debate.


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